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Joystiq Tiny Streams: State of Decay and the art of woodsy zombie survival

Welcome back to Joystiq Tiny Streams, our new series of bite-size streams wherein the Joystiq staff takes you on a brief tour of what they're playing. Today's stream comes from one Xav de Matos, who decided to dig into a little State of Decay. Undead Labs' open-world survival game fits right in line with Xav's Four in February horror picks, so it's best to think of his early exploration here as training for the month ahead (as well as training for the zombie apocalypse).

If you'd like to check out the full stream, head over to Xav's Twitch channel, and you can watch full Joystiq Streams from our Twitch channel as well. For more Tiny Streams, tune back in every Monday and Friday at 4PM EST right here on Joystiq.
[Images: Undead Labs]

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