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Looking for Guild: WildStar needs you!

Shawn Schuster

I'm happy to say that we have another large list of players looking for a guild this week, and almost every one of them is (or will be) playing Carbine's Wildstar.

An MMO like this (triple-A publisher, currently in beta) is perfect for this this LFG column as it allows players to get themselves ready for the game on launch day.

Read on past the jump below for our full list of players looking for a guild.

Here's how it works: If you're looking for a guild, simply send an email to with the subject line "LFG" and tell me the following:

  • The name of your game of choice (include server name if applicable)
  • Your usual play times (day and time of day)
  • Your main character class
  • Any alt classes you enjoy
  • Your preferred playstyle
  • What you would bring to a guild
  • Your main character name or contact name in-game (will not be published)
The following week (or weeks), I will post all submissions, minus the last question. If you're a guild leader or officer who is interested in pursuing someone you see in the column, you'll simply email me at the above address with the subject line "LFM - (Game name here)," and I will act as the liaison between the guild and the guild-seeker. That way, no contact info will be made public, and connections can proceed in-game (or over email if you choose) at the discretion of the submitter.

Game: WildStar (server TBA)
Usual play times: I work as a software engineer, so my days are mostly eaten up -- I will play nights (after 6 p.m. CST).
Main character class: I plan to play as a healer, so this will either be a Medic (most likely) or a Spellslinger.
Any alt classes: Will more than likely create a DPS alt class, either Spellslinger or Engineer.
Preferred playstyle: As mentioned above, I prefer to heal. I have 8+ years experience in MMOs just healing (it is my favorite, and I take pride in my ability!).
What I can bring: A sense of humor, friendship, and a supportive personality. I like to be available whenever needed, and if I have time to spare, I like to help out those in need. I also don't mind taking care of the costs of the guild -- for instance, the Vent/Mumble server or webhosting.

Game: WildStar, EU server (dating couple 2-for-1)
Usual play times: Pretty much all day GMT, although we do tend to play more during the day time and relax more in the evenings.
Main character class: We're not sure currently. I'll probably run Spellslinger and Warrior, while my girlfriend is still deciding.
Any alt classes: We're both likely to try out most of the classes and have several alts but with one main eventually.
Preferred playstyle: Both of us prefer DPS but also intend to try healing later on when we're more accustomed to the game.
What I (we) can bring: We would bring activity, loyalty, and a good sense of humour coupled with the drive to be good players and have a wide knowledge of the game. We'd join in on some guild events and help people out in chat with what advice we can give.

Game: WildStar
Usual play times: Weeknight evenings 5-10 p.m. EST with sporatic weekend play.
Main character class: I'll be playing a Spellslinger or Medic.
Any alt classes: The opposite of what I end up playing above.
Preferred playstyle: I can heal or DPS, but I am typically DPS in games.
What I can bring: I love the community aspect of MMOs and am looking for a tight-knit down-to-Earth guild. I am a MMO veteran looking for a more mature guild. I would also like to raid from 5:30-8 p.m. EST 2-3 nights a week.

Game: WildStar
Usual play times: Any time before 2 p.m. CST and after 11 p.m. CST (this can be changed eventually due to shift bidding).
Main character class: Most likely Stalker, though Engineer seems good too.
Any alt classes: Stalker, Engie, Warrior.
Preferred playstyle: Tank/DPS (prefer tank over DPS).
What I can bring: I am very friendly and a quick learner. I've been part of progression guilds in other games, nothing top 100 unfortunately, but I am always looking to push harder and harder, to get that extra inch and go for the hard modes. I am always willing to learn about new fights and teach others. I come with a little baggage: a friend of mine who is always my partner (he is just as good if not better than I am and can easily prove his worth). I am looking for progression into the 40-man raids as well.

Game: WildStar
Usual play times: I play nights.
Main character class: Medic. I must heal!
Any alt classes: Maybe Gunslinger?
Preferred playstyle: I can heal or DPS; haven't decided which.
What I can bring: I'm a team player who likes leading raids, and I'm a fast learner for raid mechanics.

Game: WildStar (Playing WoW on Anvilmar until then)
Usual play times: Mornings 7-9, nights 8-12.
Main character class: I'll be playing Medic.
Any alt classes: Engineer.
Preferred playstyle: Healing.
What I can bring: Devoted healer focused on learning game's ins and outs.

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