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Pillars of Eternity delayed, devs cite unexpected outpouring of cash


Despite earlier claims that Obsidian's Kickstarter-funded roleplaying epic, Pillars of Eternity, would be released in the Spring of this year, the developer is now backing away from that timeframe, saying the game's current scope simply won't allow for it.

"When we started with a million-dollar budget and a relatively modest game with five classes, that was assuming if we get $1 million we can make this game and we'll probably get it done by April," project lead Josh Sawyer told Eurogamer. "We got almost four times as much money and that's a much bigger game, and that doesn't mean that immediately we just dump four times as many people on it and it also gets done in April. There's a lot more stuff to do."

While Sawyer notes that "more than half" of the game's content has been completed (if not polished), he's hesitant to offer a new timeframe for the game's release. "[U]ntil we get really close to releasing the game we don't want a specific release window, because we're not a publisher, we don't have to! Virtually nothing good comes from us releasing a date before we're very confident in it."

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