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Renault prototype is a self-driving massage parlor


Renault wants to make your commute as chill as possible. Assuming your route is "protected" (free of pedestrians, cyclists or lane changes), the French automaker has a few tricks up its sleeve to make gridlocked traffic less of a hassle. Once you engage automated driving mode, the Next Two prototype releases scents to calm you down, adjusts cabin lighting, kicks the seat back and activates massage motors to melt away the day's stresses. The company purposely designed these features to activate at below 19MPH (30KPH) -- about half of Audi's cap -- to take the frustration out of bumper-to-bumper traffic. With the push of a button though, the reins are back in your hands and everyone's safety is up to you.

As SlashGear has noticed, the Next Two prototype can also take care of parking, with an automated valet feature that finds a spot, and returns on demand to the driver -- all controlled via smartphone app. There's a video demo after the break laying out possible features, but it could be years before we find out if these compromises satisfy the safety authorities. If Renault has its way though, the Next Two will debut by 2020.

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