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Such wow -- First Dogecoin wallet is out on iOS


Cryptocurrencies have exploded over the last few years, creating nongovernmental economies that allow users to buy goods with "money" made from ones and zeros. The craze kicked off with Bitcoin, but other competitors are rising with surprising regularity pulling their inspiration from figures like Kanye West (who sued) and traditional startup ideas alike. Still only one cyrptocurrency has recently been growing in a way that should make cryptocurrency fans say "wow." Or maybe "such wow."

That currency is Dogecoin. Inspired by the famous "Doge" meme, Dogecoin was founded out of a desire to have a cryptocurrency that was free from the sometimes shady uses Bitcoin became famous for early in its existence. Currently the fifth most popular cryptocurrency being traded, Dogecoin has been growing steadily. That growth can only be helped with the recent launch of Dogecoin's own iOS digital wallet, MYDOGE.

MYDOGE allows users to quickly and easily manage their Dogecoin wallet, while keeping up to date on how the currency is trading on digital markets. While the app currently doesn't allow users to make purchases directly from the wallet, you can still share your wallet's address by scanning your QR code.

MYDOGE launched on February 6, so it is still in the puppy stage of its existence. Still this is a big first step for fans the digital currency that will allow its disciples to easily show off and explain Dogecoin to new people using a familiar interface.

We're not quite to the "such wow" level of excitement over this app just yet, but MYDOGE is something you should keep your ears open for. This is an important first step. We'll be curious to see if MYDOGE can help dig up new users of the currency. We'll also be curious if Apple keeps the app in the store, considering the final Bitcoin wallet was just removed.

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