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Buddy & Me brings magic, joy and singing bunnies to Google Play

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Buddy & Me, the sidescrolling mobile game about Falkor The Luck Dragon totally not Falkor The Luck Dragon, is now available on Google Play, according to a news post from developer Sunbreak. The adorable, adorable, adorable mobile game earned high praise from us back when it first released on iOS, and now Android users get to experience what it's like to have the mental walls of cynicism and apathy broken down by stars and singing bunnies.

For those not yet taken in by Buddy's big, lovable grin, here's how the magic happens: you're given two minutes to get as far as you can through a treehouse so large even the wealthiest billionaire's children would gawk at its immensity and wonder. Collecting bunnies adds time to the clock, so the longer you can keep up with the game, the longer the ride will last.

You might even say the story of Buddy & Me is neverending.
[Image: Sunbreak Games]

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