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Arcade dogfighter Luftrausers on Vita, PS3, PC, Mac, Linux all at once


Publisher Devolver Digital has announced Vlambeer's chaotic 2D dogfighter, Luftrausers, will launch simultaneously on PS Vita, PS3, PC, Mac and Linux later this year. "Hope to have a date soon," the announcement tweet adds.

In Luftrausers, players pilot highly modular planes across more than 100 different missions. With each successful mission, players unlock more parts to greater customize their aerial death machines.

Luftrausers is a sequel to Luftrauser, Vlambeer's free-to-play Flash game. Vlambeer originally planned to launch Luftrausers last year, but a combo of having to work out the deal with Sony for the PS Vita and PS3 ports, on top of ongoing development for Ridiculous Fishing, contributed to Luftrauser's new launch window this year.
[Image: Vlambeer]

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