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    Daily App: LuckyPennie lets you discover and chat about your favorite music


    LuckyPennie is a social music app where you can share your favorite music and discover new songs, artists and even concert events in your area. It's all about connecting with others who share your passion for music.

    LuckyPennie is social like Facebook and visual like Pinterest, but it has a distinct music flavor. Users can share the music they are enjoying at the moment and others can comment back. The main screen of the app, "The Wall," is a running feed filled with album covers and user's concert photos. Each status update can include text allowing you to share your thoughts about a song or explain the concert photo you just uploaded.

    If you find someone who has a musical taste you find intriguing, you can add them to your crew and follow their song shares. You can give or get cred by clicking on the lightning bolt in a post. The more cred you have, the more influence you will have in the network. You can also favorite a post and view it later. The app ties into your Spotify or Rdio account, allowing you to listen to full tracks through those third-party services.

    LuckyPennie has a local flair ("the scene") that isolates content from people who are nearby. Not only can you find friends who enjoy the same music as you, but you can also discover information about local bands and nearby concerts before they happen. If you need more friends to populate "the scene", then you can use the "Add Friends" button that lets you invite friends & connect with your Facebook friends already on the app.

    LuckyPennie is available for free from the iOS App Store. It's compatible with the iPhone and requires iOS 7.0 or later. You need a LuckyPennie account to use the app, but it is easy to create one when the app first launches.

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