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Joystiq Tiny Streams: When the lights go down in SimCity

Welcome once again to Joystiq Tiny Streams, our new series of bite-sized streams of the Joystiq crew playing the games currently piquing their interest. Alexander Sliwinski, Joystiq's News Content Director, decided that it was high time he get back into city planning with SimCity. Nearly one year after its disastrous release, Alexander wanted to see how the game fared now that it could be played offline by a lone player. As his stream demonstrates, it's a demonstrably less frustrating experience.

For those thirsty for more streaming action, Joystiq Streams from our Twitch channel every Tuesday and Thursday from 4PM EST to 5PM EST. We've got exciting stuff coming up this week, with a stream of Outlast on PS4 on Feb. 11. Anthony John Agnello, who's never played Outlast, will be behind the wheel. On Feb. 13, the good people at Phantom Compass will join Richard Mitchell for a stream of their new pinball RPG, Rollers of the Realm.

For more Tiny Streams, tune back in every Monday and Friday at 4PM EST right here on Joystiq.

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