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Meet the IMC, Titanfall's miners turned corporate army


Developer Respawn Entertainment has unveiled another Titanfall faction spotlight, this time focused on the IMC, or Interstellar Mining Corporation.

Originally known as Hammond Engineering, the group that would become the IMC was first formed to extract resources from various planets for use in industrial construction and fabrication projects. Once the hulking Titans hit the battlefield and demand for the bipedal weapons platforms increased, the IMC achieved stratospheric levels of wealth. Driven by shareholder demands, the IMC now seeks even greater riches, and has employed a well-funded military presence to ensure that nothing gets in its way.

More details on the IMC can be found on the Titanfall website, along with short biographies on three of the group's key members. Titanfall is slated to reach the Xbox One and PC on March 11, with an Xbox 360 version of the game arriving on March 25.

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