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Around Azeroth: In a lonely place


"Spectacular Death of Llane (US-A) has been running groups to get the Herald of the Titans achievement," writes submitter Epicurian. "It takes work and a willingness to do some research into what you can and can't wear on your toon in order to qualify. Then, you actually need to read up on the fight. When you can solo Algalon as a level 90, the idea that there might be mechanics to the fight and that they need to be followed makes this a bit tougher than your usual run. And leave it to us to discover a flaw in the room.

If you wipe and someone uses a Mass Rez, you can count on one raid member falling through the floor. As the only gnome in my group, that duty fell to me. Yes, you die. As many times as I have been in Ulduar's planetarium, I always assumed the floor was a mirror. I didn't realize it was clear. That's quite an impressive room."

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