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Breakfast Topic: The most elusive holiday reward


This year. This year it's mine. This year will be the year I finally get the Big Love Rocket. I've got a small army of 90s, and a couple of nearly-90s who'll be able to queue for it soon. I've got time on my hands, and a burning hatred for apothecaries Hummel, Baxter and Frye. The Love Rocket is the one that's escaped me for so long over the years, and continues to do so on day one of Love is in the Air, at least.

I was really lucky with the Headless Horseman's Reins, got it on my first ever try and it's been one of my favorites ever since. The Brewfest Kodo? No big deal. Coren gave me duff barrels for a while, but eventually he ponied up the Kodo for me. But that rocket. Every time I open a heart-shaped box, I'm convinced it'll be this one. This time I'll get it. And this year I'm estimating that, across all accounts, I'll have almost 200 chances. There'll be no time for love, only killing and boxes.

But which holiday reward eludes you still? Which is your nemesis? Which are you chasing? And do you have the Big Love Rocket?!

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