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Dead Rising 3's Fallen Angel DLC now available on Xbox Live


Out of nowhere, Dead Rising 3 has received its second story expansion, dubbed Fallen Angel.

As with Broken Eagle, Fallen Angel features its own storyline. This plot thread places you in the boots of Angel Quijano, one of the "illegals" who refused to have a Zombrex chip implanted in her neck. This disobedience earned Quijano (and all illegals) a "kill on sight" order from the government, so expect to have to battle numerous heavily-armed soldiers alongside thousands of shambling corpses as you attempt to protect any other remaining survivors Angel might come across.

Like all Dead Rising 3 DLC expansions, Fallen Angel also brings with it new vehicles, new clothing options for the core Dead Rising 3 game, and new weapons. As you can see in the above trailer, the new additions to your zombie-slaying arsenal include a mace, what appears to be electrified boxing gloves, and akimbo uzis, allowing players to live out their "John Woo meets George Romero" fantasies.

Owners of the Dead Rising 3 season pass are now able to download Fallen Angel at no extra charge, though by itself the DLC features a $10 price tag. Since the majority of the data included in this downloadable offering was issued to Xbox One owners with last month's 13GB patch, Fallen Angel weighs in at a reasonable 22MB.
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