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Qualcomm Toq smartwatch update brings activity tracking beta, keeps progress in plain view


If you've splurged for Qualcomm's pricey smartwatch (or may be considering it), a new update looks to expand the capabilities of the wristworn wearable. Thanks to an update to the Toq's Android app, the gadget now packs activity-tracking software in beta form. During a 24-hour time period, the feature will track your adventures and tally up point totals. In order to keep tabs on progress throughout the day, there's a new clock face that displays just that, in addition to the hours and minutes. Of course, you can open up the app on your phone in order to see that score, too. The update also adds a world clock with time and weather in cities around the globe and the ability to select either Celsius or Fahrenheit for the trusty temperature scale. If you haven't been alerted to new software just yet, scoot over to the source link to grab it.

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