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The Queue: Yep, we're epic all right

Anne Stickney

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) might actually be just the tiniest bit evil. So sorry. (Not really.)

Every now and again I feel it necessary to remind people of the existence of the above song. Enjoy your earworm. Now that that little deed is done, let's answer some WoW questions.

Fizzl asked:

What do you think the biggest thing delaying the Beta/WoD is right now? New models? Item squish? Raids? Something else?

There isn't really a delay on the beta. We have no idea when it's scheduled to come out, or if it's been scheduled to come out. However, even with beta testing Blizzard still needs plenty of stuff for people to test -- so they may still be working on quests for some zones, or finishing off different features so that they're actually playable and can be properly tested. I know it's been a while since we've heard anything regarding the new expansion and beta, but just be patient. It'll happen, eventually!

Archemides asked:

Thinking of rolling a dwarf...any suggestions on class?

I have recently discovered that shaman are ridiculously fun to play. But I also like the idea of dwarven paladins and dwarven warriors. Hunters are also a pretty solid "dwarf" kind of class -- the dwarf in the original World of Warcraft trailer was a hunter.

Drewbob asked:

Did the Val'kyr exist prior to the LK, or did the LK create them? I know he did convert Svala in UP, but I'm not certain if there were other means of doing so. If it is the case that the LK was the sole means, do the finite number of Val'kyr remaining represent the only "way forward" for the Forsaken? Or are there other means to create sentient, free-willed undead that don't also involve, say, being a high-powered necromancer looking to become a Lich?

As far as the val'kyr are concerned, we don't really know exactly how old they are -- but there are references to them that predate the Lich King's arrival in Northrend. While the Lich King does create val'kyr, as seen in Utgarde Pinnacle, we don't really have a rational reason for that, either. It's said that the modern val'kyr that the Lich King has created were warriors of Valkyrion who have pretty much spent all their time training in order to be viewed worthy enough and strong enough to become a val'kyr -- it's considered a gift to the women of Valkyrion. So honestly, we don't really have an answer to your first question.

But -- and this is theory, mind you -- it may be that the Lich King was simply creating his version of something he'd already seen or heard about in Northrend. It could be that the historical records of val'kyr were nothing more than vrykul versions of fairy tales, legends, fables told to children as a warning. In that case, it was a pretty clever move by the Lich King -- he made those old tales told by the vrykul actually spring to life, which no doubt made it easier to convince the vrykul that they should be working with him. It may be why they consider him a "death god" -- he has the ability to create these spirits that were the things of legend.

From what we've been told, there is no way to create new val'kyr. That was the Lich King's doing. Once they're gone, they're gone for good -- unless Bolvar decides to create a bunch of them for some weird reason or another. And at this point, they are the only means the Forsaken has for continuing their existence. They're the only creatures capable of doing what the Lich King did.

wrathofkublakhan asked:

I need more addons; what's your favorite?

At the moment, the one indispensable addon that I don't think I could do without is Adibags. It makes keeping track of all the stuff I have squirreled away really, really easy.

Rrizzo asked:

How much do you think we'll be seeing of the Titan/Old God mythology in Warlords of Draenor? This is pretty much my favorite part of the lore, and I'm a little nervous that it won't see as much attention as it has this expansion. I wasn't around in BC and my leveling time in Outland is usually spent in dungeons, but I hear there are at least one or two hints in there of an Old God presence that could be expanded upon in an unbroken Draenor. Any thoughts?

Honestly? We don't know. What we were given at BlizzCon was a very basic overview of the beginning of a story with no depth or detail. It's all up in the air, and that's pretty cool because it means it's going to be a surprise. There are references to Old Gods being on Draenor when you play through Shadowmoon Valley in Outland -- Shadowmoon also happens to be where Ner'zhul, and more importantly Gul'dan, are fighting with each other in Warlords. So we might see something come into play. Maybe. But we won't know until we see it!

DylanVanov asked:

when will blizzard allow us to pay with non-credit cards? in LoL i can pay directly from my bankaccount with sofort. you can pay with paypal, paysafe, sofort, normal debit cards, mobile payment, skrill, ukash, prepaid cards, mopay and regular bank transfers right in the client. Wow is still stuck using credit cards. good for americans who don't know what a debit card is. less so for places like europe where credit cards are rarely used (and expensive) and the debit card is more common.

You can pay for game time without a credit card. I pay for my subscription with my debit card -- keep in mind that most American debit cards tend to have a credit card logo on them so they can be used either as debit or credit, however. I'm not sure how they work where you're located. But even if you don't have a credit or debit card, you can always purchase game time cards. In addition, the EU website has a host of other options you can use to pay for your game time as well, for a variety of different European countries. You might want to scroll through the list there and see if any of those work for you. Please note that while Paypal is on that list, it doesn't link to anything anymore -- it seems that particular option for game time payment has been removed.

opaque19 asked:

QFTQ- In the Vale of Eternal Blossom, at the Seat of Knowledge, just above Chromie is an NPC you cant click on. Has big green wings. Who is this and why is she not clickable?

If it's a giant transparent figure, that's an image of a player that recently completed the quest chain for the legendary cloak. It won't stay there forever, and new models will replace it as others get their cloaks -- if you hear Lorewalker Cho shouting about new heroes, it's because someone has just completed the quest.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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