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Apple fandom starts at a young age


You may have seen this endearing photo circulating across the web before; just your run-of-the-mill shot of an enterprising young kid with MacGyver-like skills immersed in the world of vintage Macintosh.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, and in particular, I was able to track down the original uploader of the photo and get a little bit of backstory to the cute picture that, it must be pointed out, was not staged.

The photo was originally uploaded to Flickr on February 19, 2008 by Jeff Jackson, who provided me with some interesting details about how the photo came to be.

Some people assume the photo is old but a few clues give it away. I took it several years ago and that's my son Will. He's about to turn 7.


He loves computers like I do. I was working at a sporting goods store at the time and brought my Plus in after hours to play with. I turned around and saw that he had pulled open a drawer and was standing there playing. I had my camera there so I took the picture.

A resourceful little guy who knows quality when he sees it.

Incidentally, as a self-proclaimed Apple nerd, Jackson says he prefers the older 680x0 Macs, "especially this Plus with Hyperdrive."

I guess it runs in the family.

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