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NYC's first touchscreen subway maps are ready to guide you through the boroughs


It's been a long, long time since New York City revealed its plans to implement a smart maps solution across its subway system. But despite a few delays here and there, it looks as if the project, lead by design firm Control Group and the MTA, is finally beginning to bear fruit. As Gizmodo reports, the first batch of touchscreen subway maps are now ready to be used in some parts of The Big Apple. So far, MTA has installed 18 of these 47-inch panels within Grand Central Terminal, but the idea is to bring them to more underground platforms in the next few months.

After spending time using one, Gizmodo describes the maps software as "sluggish" and "choppy," but that's not to say the kiosks don't do what they're expected to -- which is to be a helpful tool for commuters. For example, you can easily find how to get from point A to point B, as well as see when the next subway train is due to arrive at the station, among other things. And hey, even though this won't be for everyone, we have no doubt it'll come in handy for quite a few people.

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