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Peggle 2 receives PEGI rating for Xbox 360


Peggle 2 has received a PEGI rating of 3 for Xbox 360, alongside a release date of February 12, 2014 – today. Peggle 2 hit Xbox One on December 9 in the US and Europe, and it's yet to be officially announced for other platforms, though it was previously rated for Xbox 360 and PS4 in South Korea.

Slow your roll on that PEGI release date, though. Some of PEGI's purported release dates represent the day those games launched in Europe (Grand Theft Auto 5), while others are incorrect (Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefiled 4 next-gen, Peggle 2 on Xbox One).

Still, another rating for Peggle 2 on Xbox 360 is a good sign for non-Xbox One puzzle fiends.

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