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Titanfall video preview - burn 'dem mechs

Xav de Matos, @Xav

Joystiq's latest video preview explores the multiplayer-only world of Titanfall, the first game from developer Respawn Entertainment. Watch as Xav attempts to survive the onslaught of other eager pilots, utilizing giant mechs with devastating weaponry and the fancy footwork involved when a player's mechanical pal isn't quite ready to join the fray.

Titanfall is coming to the Xbox One and PC on March 11 from Respawn and on the Xbox 360 on March 25 from developer Bluepoint Games. Players can sign up for a beta happening later this month on Xbox One and PC.

Though the game is being published by EA, Respawn's Justin Hendry reminded Joystiq that the game will use Microsoft's cloud for its online structure, doing away with some of our fears that Titanfall will see a similarly shaky launch as Battlefield 4. Game Director Steve Fukuda further clarified that Microsoft's cloud will be the platform for all three versions of the game (Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC).

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[Image: Respawn Entertainment]

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