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Apple releases its 2014 Supplier Responsibility Report, and other news for Feb. 13, 2014

Apple released its 2014 Supplier Responsibility Report, which details how the company's suppliers are meeting Apple's guidelines for eradicating child labor, requiring reasonable working hours, offering adequate pay and meeting environmental standards.

The report highlights progress made in securing tantalum, an important metal used in the manufacture of electronic equipment. Apple confirmed that its tantalum sources have been certified as being conflict-free.

In other news:

  • Rovio has announced a new version of Angry Birds with female characters. Angry Birds Stella will debut later this year.
  • Pandora updated its iOS app with a new sleep timer feature for the iPad and support for push notifications.
  • Apple applied for a patent entitled "Disposable email address generation and mapping to a regular email account," which describes a method for curbing spam email. It uses a smart inbox system and disposable email accounts.
  • Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside is leaving the company and joining Dropbox as Chief Operating Officer

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