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    Daily App: Unfolder makes you think about unfolding paper


    Unfolder is a unique puzzle game that tests your ability to judge angles while you unfold a piece of virtual paper. It's challenging and well-suited for people who think spatially.

    The game starts with a triangle of paper on the screen and a target triangle that you must meet. You tap on the screen to unfold the paper in different directions. Each unfolding must be chosen carefully so you move closer to your target at the correct angle. The first few levels are easy and allow you to learn the mechanics of the game.

    Unfolder can be played in three different modes. The default mode is time-based and challenges you to solve as many puzzles as you can before the timer runs out. There's also a classic mode that provides you with progressively more difficult puzzles to solve and a generator mode that randomly produces new puzzles at the difficulty level you select.

    Unfolder for iPhone

    Unfolder is a unique puzzler that challenges you to think ahead two or three moves as you unfold your paper. The graphics are basic, but the gameplay is engaging for short periods. It's a thinking man's game and not a fast-paced puzzler, so don't expect any nail-biting experiences. Gamers looking for something exciting should move along as they may find Unfolder to be boring.

    Unfolder is available for free in the iOS App Store. It's a universal app that I found was best suited for the iPhone because of it minimalist graphics. It includes ads that can be removed via a US$0.99 in-app purchase. There are also hints that you can buy in packs of 25 for a buck.

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