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Free-to-play Steel Diver launches today on 3DS eShop


Steel Diver will surface on the 3DS eShop today, Nintendo announced during its Nintendo Direct presentation. It should be available right after today's Nintendo Direct.

The new Steel Diver is a first-person, free-to-play take on Nintendo's original 3DS launch game. The eShop download will be free, but it can be upgraded to a premium version that includes many additional, superior ships, customization options and all of the single-player missions. The free version allows access to seven single-player missions and two subs. There will be five ships sold as individual DLC, though only premium accounts are able to purchase DLC.

All players will have access to local and online multiplayer. Steel Diver joins Rusty's Real Deal Baseball as Nintendo's first free-to-play games.
[Image: Nintendo]

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