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Ikaruga weaves its way onto Steam next week


Ikaruga, one of the most acclaimed shoot-em-ups out there, hits Steam next week in a newly tweaked re-release. After blasting through Greenlight, Treasure's polarity-shifting classic makes its Windows PC debut on February 18 - still no news on the price, though.

Ikaruga debuted in arcades at the turn of the millennium, before scrolling onto Dreamcast and GameCube a few years later. It then came to Xbox 360 in 2008, and the Steam version is based on that re-release. No surprises, then, to see Xbox 360 controller support reprized along with screen rotating, allowing you to play the game either horizontally or vertically.

The Steam version does have a few tricks of its own, though, including a Double Play mode that lets you control the two-player game with just one controller, if you fancy yourself as some kind of wizard.
[Image: Treasure]

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