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Nordic Games to release Darksiders, Red Faction compilations [update]


Update: Nordic told Eurogamer there are no set release dates for the collections as yet. Instead, it's looking at a Q2 2014 window. Also, the Red Faction Collection isn't coming to Xbox 360.

""This is because according to Microsoft, the Collection did not comply with some of their guidelines for such a pack," Nordic told Eurogamer.

Original story: The formerly THQ-owned Darksiders and Red Faction series are getting compilations on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC courtesy of new rights holder Nordic Games. The bundles are listed on the Austrian company's site, with a March 14 release date for the PC versions. Amazon UK backs up that due date, listing it for the Darksiders compilation across all platforms.

The Darksiders Collection, or Complete Collection as it's called on PC, includes War's hack-and-slash debut and Death's 2012 follow-up. According to Amazon UK, the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions feature the Darksiders 2 season pass, granting access to the Abyssal Forge and Belial's Pass expansions. The PC version's box art says it includes "all the DLCs."

As for the Red Faction bundles, the Xbox 360 and PS3 Collection includes the original game along with Guerrilla and Armageddon, and the Path of War DLC for the last of those. The PC Complete Collection, however, goes one better by also chucking in Red Faction 2.

We've reached out to Nordic to clarify the details, such as which regions the collections are coming to; all of the ones listed on the site show classification ratings for Europe, while the Darksiders Xbox 360 and PS3 Collections are the only ones not rated for North America. There's no official word on prices, but Amazon UK has the Darksiders compilations going for £35, which could translate into a $50 tag stateside.

Nordic splashed $4.9 million last year to acquire a number of ex-THQ properties, including Darksiders and Red Faction. The company's yet to make any announcements on the futures of either series, but at Gamescom Nordic's Reinhard Pollice told Joystiq they're the highest priority of the THQ acquisitions. Perhaps these collections are the preludes to bigger news in the coming months.

[Image: screenshot of Nordic Games website]

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