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You Don't Know Jack dev launches mobile word minigolf game

S. Prell, @SamPrell

So what if you don't know jack? As long as you know words - and how to spell them - you'll do fine in Jackbox Games' new puzzler, Word Puttz. The free-to-play game, now available on iOS and Android, puts a spin on classic word games such as Scrabble and Words With Friends by having players place letter tiles not on a board, but a mini-golf course.

Think of your words as both a way to score points and the route your ball will travel. You want to make good, high-value words, but also need to eventually wind up at the hole. Obstacles, pre-placed words and races against the AI add variety to the game's four courses, which feature more than 70 levels total.

Oh yeah, and the in-game host is an octopus. Because reasons.
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New F2P iOS and Android Game Is Jackbox Games' First Word Game

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – February 13, 2014 – Independent developer Jackbox Games today announced the official launch of Word Puttz™, a F2P mobile game for iOS and Android that takes the word game somewhere it has never gone before: the mini-golf course.

"Word Puttz is our own twisted spin on the genre," said Mike Bilder, GM, Jackbox Games. "After some hard work in the studio, we're confident that Word Puttz will be the only octopus-hosted, wordtile/mini-golf mashup you'll ever play."

In Word Puttz, players use letters from their tray to build cross words that score points based on the combined letter value, just as in other word games. Sounds pretty simple, right? But, the Octoputtz, a spelling-obsessed octopus and mini-golf course owner, loaded each course with obstacles, challenges and bizarre surprises preventing the player from sinking that crucial putt.

Players progress through the holes of various courses that offer different layouts, missions and obstacles with increasing degrees of difficulty. The game is entirely F2P and players earn stars that enable them to continually unlock additional content. A variety of boosts are available for in-app purchase, as is an upgrade that removes ads and provides a stockpile of boosts.

Word Puttz will launch with four courses, including more than 70 levels, and additional courses will be added in the future. Facebook Connect integration allows players to compete with friends on the leaderboard and sharing of boosts and lives is fully integrated into the app.

This new game is the latest innovation from the Chicago studio that has evolved from developing the original YOU DON'T KNOW JACK for PC, which sold more than five million total units, to the SPIKE TV 2012 Social Game of the Year (YOU DON'T KNOW JACK for Facebook), to last year's release of Lie Swatter™, Clone Booth™ and YOU DON'T KNOW JACK Party.

About Jackbox Games
Jackbox Games, formerly Jellyvision Games, is a developer and publisher of games on leading consumer gaming platforms. The company is located in Chicago, Illinois.

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