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Elder Scrolls Online Beta: Battling it out in Cyrodiil


Here's what most players know about Elder Scrolls Online's PvP setup, straight from the mouths of the developers: When the vicious Daedric Prince Molag Bal attacks the Imperial City, he generates a huge power vacuum. Each faction vies for a piece of the province of Cyrodiil, but only the strongest faction will ultimately lay claim to the Imperial throne.

Massively's resident ESO columnist, Larry Everett, visited the Tamrielian answer to realm-vs.-realm this past weekend and is finally allowed to discuss it. Players have suggested that it will resemble Guild Wars 2 or Warhammer Online open-world PvP. Are they right? In this 10-minute video, Larry explores the details of his experience from the Ebonheart Pact side of the battle.

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