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Guild Wars 2 phasing out Glory on March 18th

Eliot Lefebvre

In just about a month, there will be no more glory in Guild Wars 2 PvP. We don't mean that you will no longer have the chance for glorious battles; we mean that the currency will no longer be awarded as of March 18th. Chests will be removed as well, and bonus rank points will be rolled into end-of-match rewards where relevant. So if you want some more Glory to spend, you'd better start earning it now.

For players who do have a lot of Glory stocked up, the vendor introduced on December 10th will remain in-game for a bit after Glory is discontinued. That vendor will remain in place until the new reward system is implemented, and new rank rewards will also be released when Glory gets banished to the land of wind and ghosts. No word yet on exactly when players can expect new reward systems to be implemented.

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