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Breakfast Topic: Are you kind to your PuGs?


If you follow me on Twitter, or read a lot of my articles here at WoW Insider, you'll know that when I level, I do it via dungeons. And it's true, it's why I always have a slew of hybrids and fewer pure DPS characters, I just love spam-running dungeons. As I build up my US-server alt stable, I'm noticing a distinct absence of kindness. Not that I'm saying US servers are a less friendly place than EU ones, just that I'm noticing a lot of rage.

So I'm wondering, are you kind to your PuG-mates? I do my very best to be. I try to educate rather than yell, and don't get overly wound up by people's mistakes. I could tell you all manner of horror stories, as I move towards my 5th US-server level 90 leveled entirely via dungeons, but I don't think it helps to do so. My philosophy is that if the tank is bad, the healers are bad, or the DPS are bad, I play the best I can to make the group a success despite these issues. And if players ask for help, I give it, kindly. I'm a great believer that kindness results in kindness.

What about you? Do you do your best to be kind or nice? Or are you less tolerant or patient? Are there things that just set your blood a'boil? And did I make you feel bad yet?

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