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Pinball Arcade dev pulls season three pass, cites Apple policy issue

Pinball Arcade has a quite a few tables in its virtual collection of real-world machines, but fans looking for a one-and-done purchase of its third season of content are now out of luck. In a recent newsletter, Farsight Studios explained that it has pulled season three passes across all platforms due to Apple denying Farsight the ability to sell the pass on iPlatforms.

"We have come to [the] decision that we will be removing the Season Three Pass from all platforms to preserve consistency of purchasing options," Farsight wrote. "Nothing will change for those that already purchased the Season Three Pass, you will be entitled to the tables just as you were before."

While season passes might not be an option, Farsight will continue on with the development of new tables. Farsight also announced last month that it's aiming Pinball Arcade for the ramp to the Wii U eShop, a Linux version on Steam and a relisting on the Xbox Live Arcade in 2014.
[Image: Farsight Studios]

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