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RIFT suffers from chat and mail issues through the weekend

Eliot Lefebvre

it looks like RIFT's patch 2.6 is bringing some unintended features to the game. Assuming you consider the complete shutdown of the game's chat to be a feature, anyhow. Up through most of yesterday, the game did not feature working chat for groups, raids, or guilds. While a fix has been pushed through early this morning to address most of the remaining issues, conquest chat is still non-functional as of this writing, and there are still "issues" with positional chat modes.

Problems first emerged on Wednesday, but despite several hotfixes and updates the game has not yet been restored to full working order. Even the latest round of fixes still leave certain features disabled, although it looks like everyone logging on later today will be able to play normally for the most part. It remains to be seen when the remaining issues will be addressed.

[Thanks to nope for the tip!]

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