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Roguish FPS Tower of Guns blows up Steam, GOG on March 4


Tower of Guns, a first-person shooter with randomized levels and roguelike elements, is due out for PC on March 4 via Steam, GOG and the game's website, at a 33 percent discount ($10). Developer Joe Mirabello formerly worked on the Amalur MMO at 38 Studios, before that company collapsed. When we talked with him last year, he described Tower of Guns as a mashup of Doom 2 and The Binding of Isaac, and "as far away from a secretive, big-budget MMO as you can get."

Tower of Guns allows players to customize 18 different guns with 12 wild mods to create combos such as a rocket launcher that sprays a bunch of rockets with each trigger pull, or a gun that shoots a purple bubble to trap and explode enemies, as shown in the newest trailer. There are 50 items, 15 bosses and seven levels – it's designed to be beat in under an hour, "if you win," Mirabello says.
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