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The Tonight Show relaunches with Jimmy Fallon, and of course it has companion apps


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The post-Jay Leno Tonight Show era starts (again, sorry Conan) shortly on NBC, and with the arrival of Jimmy Fallon the show is also getting an updated tech focus. Companion apps have arrived for iOS and Android devices, with video games, and the ability to view full episodes or clips the day after they air. Interaction with the show includes social media contributions to the hashtag segment, and submissions for video challenges. Second screen TV apps have had an uneven going as of late (GetGlue got acquired and relaunched as TVTag, Yahoo shut down IntoNow to roll it out as a feature in other products and Dijit has also been acquired), we'll see if NBC's latest effort fares any better than The Million Second Quiz did last year. If the apps don't attract attention, there's always The Roots, and hopefully Fallon maintains his penchant for including new gadgets among the usual lineup of guests.

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