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Titanfall beta extended, now ends February 19


Those who've spent the weekend stomping pilots from the comfort of a titan's cockpit will be pleased to hear that the good times won't draw to a close tomorrow morning as originally planned. Instead, developer Respawn Entertainment has extended the Titanfall beta test for an additional day.

"The Titanfall Beta will run through February 19th 6 PM PST," tweeted the official Titanfall Twitter account. No explanation is offered for this change of plans, but following Respawn's impromptu decision to kick open the doors of the beta test to the public only two days ago, it seems as if the game's pre-release incarnation has drawn more attention from players than the developer initially expected.

Though Titanfall will be released for the Xbox 360, the ongoing beta test is only available to Xbox One owners with current Xbox Live Gold subscriptions and those PC gamers who registered for the beta test. Assuming you meet these criteria, getting into the game is as easy as downloading its client from either the Xbox Live Marketplace or EA's digital distribution service, Origin.
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