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Google teaches Glass owners how to mind their manners


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Google wants society to welcome Glass with open arms, but that hasn't proven to be easy when some early owners have run into trouble -- there's a real chance that one bad user could ruin the eyewear's reputation. To get on the public's good side, the company has published an etiquette guide that teaches Glass wearers how to be on their best behavior. Many of the tips reflect common sense, but bear repeating: ask before you record anything, avoid wearing the device in risky situations and pay attention to the world around you. However, the guide is also a reminder that you're effectively Google's ambassador when you use Glass. The company wants you to politely answer questions from curious onlookers, and it prefers that you take off the eyepiece when asked instead of creating a fuss. The advice is strictly optional, but we'd suggest taking it seriously. It may be the key to social acceptance if Glass ever goes on sale to the general public.

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