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Sega reveals plan to make Atlus into Atlus once more


In its first major move since acquiring the company in 2013, Sega has revealed plans to split Index Corporation into two separate divisions, according to a Gematsu translation of a Sega press release.

Come April 1, Index Corporation will cease to exist and in its place will be two new divisions of the overarching Sega corporate umbrella. Atlus will continue to create the sort of quirky, Japanese games the company is most famous for, while Index Corporation - this new division borrows its name from the now-split subsidiary - will handle things like advertising and content distribution. Sega managing director Yukio Sugino will serve as representative for Atlus while Yasuhiko Hamada, Index executive vice president, will lead Index Corporation. Additionally, Index Digital Media, Inc. (Index Corporation's international arm) will be rebranded Atlus USA Inc.

According to Sega, this corporate restructuring will allow both Atlus and Index Corporation to function more smoothly, yet remain independent to create the kind of content that made Atlus an attractive acquisition for Sega in the first place.
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