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Sony sold 5.3 million PS4s already, hits sales target with weeks to spare


Sony's prediction that it would move 5 million PlayStation 4s before the end of the fiscal year turned out to be on target. It just announced 5.3 million of the next-gen consoles sold worldwide as of February 8th, all before the PS4 launches in Japan on the 22nd. The PS4 has held the overall next-gen hardware sales lead since it launched in November, and appears to be extending the gap on the Xbox One during these early stages of the war. We haven't received exact US sales figures yet, but the PS4 sold the most units in January, and worldwide had 4.2 million sold at the end of 2013.

Pushing over a million more new systems in just over a month is no small feat, and Sony's upcoming launch in its home country is sure to enhance that total. Once we have the system in our home however, it's software and services that will be most important in getting use out of those boxes. Right now Microsoft is putting its next-gen eggs in the Titanfall basket, but Sony is pushing PlayStation Plus with its first-ever commercial for the service (embedded after the break), plus exclusive games on the way including Driveclub and Infamous: Second Son.

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