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Following court defeat by Verizon, the FCC will rework its net neutrality rules

Sarah Silbert

More than a month after the bulk of its net neutrality rules were struck down in a case against Verizon, the FCC has announced that it will not appeal the ruling. The court decision was a significant victory for Verizon, as it essentially validated the company's right to favor some types of internet traffic (and services) over others, leaving it free to block or slow down websites such as Netflix.

Though the FCC won't appeal the ruling, a spokesperson said chairman Tom Wheeler will work to establish new rules that prevent service providers like Verizon from charging companies a fee to get the highest performance speeds. These rules would work around the issue that got the FCC into a bind in the first place: its classification of broadband providers exempts Verizon and others from certain regulations that apply to wireless communications carriers. A reclassification of broadband may not be on the table, but new language would strengthen the organization's authority in regulating the industry. The FCC's new rules will reportedly debut in late spring or early summer of this year.

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