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SMITE blazes a trail with Agni

Eliot Lefebvre

The latest addition to SMITE's roster of deities is a real hothead. He's a firebrand. He is literally on fire. What we're getting at is that he's a god of fire. Agni, a deity of the Hindu faith, has been brought on board as a mage with a variety of flame-based abilities, allowing him to unleash major fire-based damage across a battlefield.

Agni's core gameplay revolves around ticking damage and interplay between his abilities. His first ability, Noxious Fumes, allows him to place a damage-over-time field on the ground, which he can ignite with any of his other abilities. He also gains a buff to set enemies ablaze with his spells after landing several normal attacks. With a combination of mobility, area effects, and steady burns, he seems the sort to play if you enjoy laying a burning field of destruction... but perhaps you should check the video past the cut to be sure.

[Source: Hi-Rez Studios press release]

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