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Strider, AC4 Freedom Cry added to EU PlayStation Store


Double Helix's surprisingly good action game Strider headlines this week's PlayStation Store update in Europe. With favorable reception behind Killer Instinct and Strider, we imagine Amazon is extra happy with its recent acquisition.

Joining Strider this week is Rayman Legends and standalone expansion Assassin's Creed 4: Freedom Cry, both available on PS4. Earth Defense Force 2025 drops on PS3 this week and retro 2D side-scroller Gunslugs makes an appearance on PS Vita. Battlefield 4 Premium subscribers can also grab Second Assault today.

Knack and Tearaway have had their prices almost halved this week as part of a February sale promotion, and Lost Planet 3 receives a substantial permanent price drop down to £39.99 (€29.99). This simply scratches the surface of all the content added to the European PS Store this week, so head on over to the PlayStation Blog for the complete lowdown.
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