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The Elder Scroll Online showcases crafting in new blacksmithing video

MJ Guthrie

Fans wanting to get a taste of crafting in The Elder Scrolls Online can watch a new dev play session video that highlights blacksmithing while describing crafting as a whole. In ESO, crafters will control not only the the type of materials an item is made out of and its level but its innate properties and look as well. Regardless of profession, all players can pick up any kind of resource in the world; however, only crafters who spend points in the skill Keen Eye will see the materials highlighted. Additionally, raw materials can be salvaged from loot and other items.

Crafting is also tied into exploration in more ways than just gathering. Instead of having to travel to cities in order to create goods, crafters have specific locales throughout the world that allow them to make special set items with bonuses unique to each locale. And in order to put specific traits on an item, a crafter must have already learned said trait by studying (read: destroying) other items with it. Check out all the details in the video below.

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