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WoW Moviewatch: How to Win at Nostalgia

Anne Stickney

I have yet to see a machinima by Wowcrendor I didn't like. That said, How to Win at Nostalgia is pretty much a highlight reel of the best of Wowcrendor's videos all rolled up into one delightful package. While most of the material is re-used content, it's all the stuff I loved in one hysterical montage, and even included some things I'd forgotten about, like the heartwarming journey of Edward the Earth Root. It's four minutes of everything I love about Wowcrendor, which makes it feel a little like one of those best-of compilation album commercials, but it absolutely works here.

I think the best part about the video isn't the material included -- which is stellar, mind you -- but the immediate realization that some of my personal favorites weren't included, which led to a prompt revisit to Wowcrendor's massive archive of machinima. Check out the video, and if you like what you've seen, it might be time to go-go-go back and take a look at Wowcrendor's entire scope of work to remind yourself how far he's come, and how funny he is.

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