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New Nintendo eShop releases: Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Weapon Shop de Omasse


Like the fifth/fourth/sixth world of a Mario, there's an icy theme to this week's list of eShop games. Well okay, that only really applies to Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Ice Hockey, but there are ice worlds in Kung Fu Rabbit, Quell Reflect, and Sky Kid too, maybe.

Let's focus on 3DS downloadable-only Weapon Shop de Omasse. It's the final game in Level 5's Guild 01 series, a series that saw the studio team up with three acclaimed designers ... and one acclaimed comedian. Guess which one the comedian worked on?

The man in question Yoshiyuki Hirai of comedy duo America Zarigani, and his game places you in an item shop where heroes can buy weapons for quests. Your task is to forge those weapons by hammering them down in a rhythm-tapping mini-game, with more rhythmic forging resulting in better crafted gear. There's some terrible pun here about beat-ing the weapons into shape, but you won't see us making it.

As ever, the full list of eShop releases awaits you below the break.

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