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Rumor Roundup: Making something from nothing


Jony Ive disappears from Apple's online executive list (Update 2x: Back, PR comment)
(9to5 Mac)

This is an all-time classic example of rumor blogs trying to make something out of absolutely nothing. Design guru Jony Ive temporarily disappeared from the executive list on Apple's website, and the rumor blogs went super-duper-mega-ultra-ballistic in their race to see who could be FIRST(!) to break this non-news.

Ultimately, it turns out Ive's disappearance from Apple's site was merely due to a technical glitch. The hilarious aftermath, where all of the rumor blogs end up looking like complete idiots, is presumably an unintended (albeit hilarious) side effect.

Reports: A8 won't feature integrated LTE yet, low yield rates pushing Samsung out of the process? (9to5 Mac)

Neither of these extremely sketchy rumors sourced from Asian tech publications are likely to be true.

TPK to Reportedly Supply Flexible AMOLED Panels For Apple's iWatch (MacRumors)

This "report" comes from The China Times, via Digitimes, which means we are officially all the way down the rabbit hole of poor credibility as far as Apple rumors are concerned.

Rumor blogs seem to be head-over-heels in love with absolutely any half-baked story associating Apple with "flexible displays" - and yet, after many years of pimping these "reports," not a single Apple product on the market has a flexible display.

Rumor: Apple working on 4.7", 5.6" iPhones for release in Q3 2014 (AppleInsider)

When even AppleInsider calls a rumor "sketchy," it's safe to say it can be completely ignored.

Latest additions to Apple TV development team to focus on third-party channels, content (AppleInsider)

Another week, another instance of a rumor blog reading tea leaves based on postings on Apple's job site. It's worth mentioning (again) that if Apple is only just now hiring people for these Apple TV-related positions, the previously rumored notion of an April product announcement seems absolutely daft.

Apple bought '3-year supply' of 4.5" sapphire displays, says Canonical CEO (AppleInsider)

I'm not sure how well this statement jibes with reports that Apple has set up its own sapphire manufacturing facilities in the States. Perhaps the "three-year supply" wasn't particularly extensive in the first place? At any rate, this doesn't tell us much that we didn't already know with regard to Apple's supposed aspirations for sapphire displays.

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