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TUG lead dev explains why crafting is 'vital to your survival'

Jef Reahard

TUG lead designer John Bearden has published the first in a series of dev blogs focused on the crowdfunded sandbox title. This first go-round focuses on crafting, which Bearden says is "vital to your survival."

He goes on to detail the dev team's thinking in terms of designing the full system, and even shares some early mockups. Bearden also explains why TUG's crafting UI is minimalistic compared to some of its MMO predecessors. "We never wanted to have a full UI system for the crafting process. From the beginning, we have always wanted to keep it very natural and intuitive for the player," he explains. "Early crafting should capture the feel of a scavenger or early explorer gathering items and sorting them in a natural workspace for assembly."

Nerd Kingdom is also featured in a new interview/video diary that you can view after the break.

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