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Reus dev's Renowned Explorers is tactical 1800s exploration


Abbey Games, the studio behind colossus god game Reus, is working on its next project, a turn-based, ever-changing exploration game called Renowned Explorers ​– International Society. It follows a team of explorers in the 19th century as they attempt to find legendary treasures before the World Expo begins.

As the captain, players gather a team of explorers and follow a series of leads to find specific treasures. Once a treasure is found, the game becomes turn-based as the team explores the location, encounters enemies and allies, and digs up resources. Abbey cites Jules Verne, Indiana Jones, XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Fire Emblem as inspirations.

"To grant you a new unexplored world every game, Renowned Explorers will generate and pose new mysteries, challenges, characters and combinations every time you start," Abbey says. "Our new game is built to train you in the art of exploration, and it will reward you with deeper mysteries and rare treasure."

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