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Senior PvP Designer Brian Holinka interviewed in Korea


Senior PvP Designer Brian Holinka was interviewed in Seoul, Korea, as part of the Press Event that's taking place worldwide this week. The video is above, but some of the key points covered are below. These are in chronological order so it's easy for you to find more information on the video, rather than arranging them by topic:
  • Blizzard is not yet ready to talk timelines with Warlords beta, or release, but are happy with how things are progressing. It's on schedule.
  • The changes to PvP in Mists and Warlords have all been focused on improving PvP participation
  • One of the main reasons why Holinka is so active on Twitter is to be a point of contact for PvPers.
  • There will be a tutorial zone, as discussed at BlizzCon that is to provide a starter experience for all players going into Draenor. The option to use this as more of a tutorial will exist.
  • Garrisons will offer a lot of playability, and are continuing in development beyond 6.0 with potential new features. Garrison PvP is a potential example.

  • Trial of the Gladiator's removal was to offer more PvP queuing options for players, a reallocation of resources. The hardcore players are catered to with the support for community-run tournaments.
  • Character models are coming along well, the animations will follow and really show off the models.
  • Ashran will distribute where players are fighting in order to increase zone population without stressing computers. It's a central objective "tug-of-war" between alliance and horde forces. There are also capture points spread around the outside of the zone, and capturing these will give you a better chance of winning the central tug-of-war battle.
  • There wasn't a set number of scenarios announced, but they are easy to implement and Holinka suspects there will be a lot.
  • There are no current plans for any WoW elements to appear on mobile apps, there is potential for pet battles and garrisons but nothing is planned.
  • The updated art is making the old models look dated, and that's a big part of why they're being updated now. The pandaren were a "test run" for any issues.
  • There is not likely to be updates to old armor to come with new character models. Newer gear will be higher texture quality etc
  • The entire team structure has been changed to try to make expansions come faster. There are already people working on 7.0 and 8.0, aiming for a quicker pace and shorter gaps.
  • There are no current plans to reduce the file size of WoW installs, but it's something that could be considered.

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