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WoW Moviewatch: O Course Azshara

Anne Stickney

The Tauren Marines are an RP guild over on Emerald Dream -- obviously a military style guild, with a decidedly tauren theme to it. That said, today's Moviewatch is a little different in flavor. Rather than a flat-out machinima with a story element to it, O Course Azshara by Fruitbowl Productions is a demonstration of an obstacle course set up entirely in Azshara. The soundtrack is suitably awe-inspiring, but what I really like about this particular film is that these are the same kinds of crazy stunts I pull with characters every now and again. I love doing flying jumps off of impossibly high cliffs with a handy levitate or goblin glider to help me out. As for the jump section of the course, I'm reminded of the good old days back in vanilla, when a little creative hopping around could net you some pretty amazing moments of discovery. Take a look -- and be sure you stick around for the ending.

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