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Xbox One UK ad hid augmented reality game, Titanfall-themed prizes

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Remember that Xbox One ad full of mechs, soccer players, and Zachary Quinto? If you're a resident of the UK, you may also remember it for its strange, half-second image of a skull, a X-shaped symbol and a seemingly random string of letters. Xbox's UK division has unveiled just what was behind the mysterious imagery: an augmented reality game. You can take the red pill watch the reveal above.

The augmented reality game (ARG for short) put forward a number of clues to be decoded, including a string of binary code, websites in Latin, images that needed to be rearranged and sound-based puzzles. The treasure hunt culminated in a grab-bag of Xbox One prizes, including the console itself, a Collector's Edition of Titanfall, and a VIP trip to the US.

Said prizes were placed in an unmarked, white van in a secluded area, because nothing screams "come get your special prize" quite like an unmarked, white van in a secluded area. (We're relatively sure that part was staged considering winner Brad Butcher looks straight at a camera focusing on him, but still.) Congrats Brad!
[Image: Microsoft]

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