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GOG to use regional pricing for three upcoming games

Good Old Games has shared plans to implement regional pricing for three upcoming titles due in the "next couple of months." The DRM-free digital distribution service explained that the addition is part of efforts to get more preorder options and launch day releases from publishers, in contrast to their expansive offering of retro games.

The post is unable to state which titles these pricing options will be available for due to non-disclosure agreements, but it describes them as a strategy game and two RPGs. The post notes GOG's plans for these games are similar to its adjusted Witcher 2 prices in the US, UK, European Union and Australian markets.

It will be interesting to see if users will be able to sidestep regional censorship or higher prices with these future titles by buying from another region - Australian Witcher 2 fans were able to do both after GOG stopped basing a user's region off of their IP address.
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