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OS X still vulnerable to SSL bug, and other news for Feb. 24, 2014

Last Friday, Apple issued an emergency software update to iOS 7 and iOS 6 which closed a security hole that exposed iOS devices to potential attacks that could compromise data in secure sessions. The Apple TV also received updated software. Noticeably absent, however, was any software update for OS X, which still possesses the SSL bug. However, Apple has confirmed to Reuters that a release is coming:

Confirming researchers' findings late Friday that a major security flaw in iPhones and iPads also appears in notebook and desktop machines running Mac OS X, Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller told Reuters: "We are aware of this issue and already have a software fix that will be released very soon."

As of yet no fix has arrived, but hopefully that "very soon" arrives, well...soon.

In other news:

  • Do you like Steve Jobs? How about trash? Do you like art? Then check out this portrait of Steve Jobs made out of recycled e-waste.
  • A new Apple store is coming to Lansing, Michigan according to the Lansing State Journal. It will be 6,000 square feet situated at the Eastwood Towne Center.
  • The AirForceTimes says the United States Air Force is ditching 5000 Blackberrys in favor of Apple's iPhones.

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